Hack The High Street

November 09 - 10 | Rainmaking Loft

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Birdback and American Express® are bringing you a hackathon with a difference. Get ready to Hack The High Street!

We're looking for awesome ideas to be shaped and built during this weekend by top geeks. For example, how could technology help enhance the high street? How could software and great design take customer experience to the next level? How would you merge the online and offline world to boost footfall and loyalty?

We're not just talking e-commerce (that would be too easy!), we're talking bricks and mortars. Don't believe the hype, 90% of shopping is happening offline, this means huge potential for inspired thinking. Join us for a fun weekend, push boundaries, shine and show us what you're made of! Space is limited so secure yours NOW.


  • You can participate in a challenge presented by one of our retail experts. We're calling them The Challengers!
  • Or compete in the open-hack category and build your own solution related to high street retail
  • Start and finish your hack within 24hrs
  • You have 3 minutes to present your hack
  • Judging criteria: innovation, usability, functionality and design


1st Sphero 2.0 + 1 year of GitHub Silver plan + £50 UBER credit
2nd OYUA + 1 year of GitHub Bronze plan
3rd Leap Motion + 6 months of GitHub Bronze plan

UBER     All attendees will receive £20 of UBER credit! Treat yourself to a Mercedes S-Class on your way back
AWS     All attendees will receive $100 of AWS credit!


Rainmaking Loft - International House - 1 St Katharines Way - London - E1W 1UN


Danielle Anderson

Harris + Hoole

David Cabreza

Hilton Hotels

James Walker


Kyle McGinn

Marks & Spencer



09:00am Registry open - Breakfast is served
10:00am Let's get to it - Key note - Face the challengers
11:00am API talks - Do your pitch - Assemble teams
12:30pm Time for lunch - Hack away!
07:30pm Dinner time - Eat your peas


09:00am Breakfast is served
12:30pm Time for lunch - Wrap up your hack
01:30pm Times up! - Hack ends - Demo time
03:00pm Winners announced - Time for a party!

Brought to you by Birdback and American Express®